Training Programme

Our Training Programme is a methodology for providing a top-class training experience. Utilising seven key aspects of training, we have put together a step-by-step 'Training Programme' that uses tried and tested methods to maximise efficiency during the whole training process.

Skills Analysis
Assignment /
& Certificate
Post Course
Ongoing Support

 Skills Analysis

Find out what level of training is required. The key to any training is ensuring the skills being delivered match the ones required.

  • Web based anonymous analysis and recommendations
  • Electronic forms if required for in-house distribution

 Assignment / Development

Once we know what skills are needed we can assign people to either a standard course or develop a bespoke content course based on our findings.

  • Options for e-learning and instructor led courses
  • Detailed course overviews so you know exactly what we are teaching
  • Custom courses for businesses that need a specific set of skills


Courses will be booked at a convenient location and scheduled to meet your needs. For IT courses we provide the equipment to ensure distractions are kept to a minimum.

  • A professionally delivered, structured course based on EDIP
  • Standardised content as agreed prior to the course
  • Guided throughout using the content
  • Encompassing of essential content
  • Paced as dictated by the group's / individual's understanding
  • Flexible, allowing the addition and removal of content based on the needs of the group / individual
  • As hands on as we can make it
  • Fun! (even IT courses)


Post course evaluation is key to our service, if you are delivering a programme it confirms the content and exercises match to your needs.

  • Web based feedback, access it from anywhere via the internet
  • AJ constantly monitor feedback and make adjustments where necessary

 Documentation & Certificate

Course documentation should be used as reference material.
Any training provided won’t work unless we can engage the delegates to apply their newly acquired skills.
We encourage implementation and practice throughout each of our training courses.

  • Documentation is emailed directly to the delegate after completing the online evaluation
  • All documentation is provided in an easy to read and follow manner
  • PDF Certificate of Attendance

 Skills Retention by Post Course Engagement

Implementing skills and practicing are key to any learning, we recognise this and encourage users to engage their new-found skills throughout the course.

After the course we continue to engage users with additional content aimed at providing a more complete training experience and improving skills retention.

We match the content exactly to the skills covered on the course to ensure your training investment is maximised.

Post Course Engagement consists of:

  • Full feature explanations
  • Video examples
  • Sample exercises

Post Course Engagement is optional and charged @ £20.00 per delegate per course.

 Ongoing Support

After the course, should anyone require assistance, we are available to provide reassurance and support covering any topic included with the training.

Each delegate will be emailed directly by the trainer should they require future support.